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BlueEarth Cartridge Recycling

The Postal Service launched the BlueEarth Federal Recycling Program in April 2013. Currently, all USPS print cartridges and toners are approved for disposal through this program with the exception of Ricoh Toner tubes – please see read the following for guidance and distribution.

Employees can securely and easily recycle toner and all types of inkjet cartridges by visiting the program website at:

The steps are simple. Click on “Get Started Today,” choose agency assets and United States Postal Service from the drop down boxes, fill out and submit the online form, print the prepaid label, pack the empty cartridges in a box and mail it. DO NOT photocopy the labels. A new label must be generated for each shipment.

Some have experienced issues generating a label:

When the label does not print it is generally because we did not match the (return) address with what is showing in AMS. Please click on the link below:

If you would like more information or have any questions please feel free to contact the Investment Recovery Team. Samples of some of the print cartridges are shown below: