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Burial Flags

Feb. 24, 2017


The United States Flag presented at a veteranís funeral is one of the most visible symbols recognizing military service and is an enduring gift treasured by the deceased veteranís family. The Department of Veterans Affairs in cooperation with the United States Postal Service issues nearly half a million burial flags annually, and works constantly to ensure that burial flags are available throughout the Continental United States and overseas when requested. The vast majority of flags are requested through the nearest United States Post Office using the VA Form 27-2008, Request for United States Burial Flag.

The Department of veterans Affairs has requested that all Post Offices in CAG A through L act as a burial flag depository in accordance with Post Office Retail Operations Handbook PO-209 and ASM 474.

The most current electronic fillable form is dated July 2012 and is available online at

Applicants seeking a burial flag will be required to submit a completed VA Form 27-2008, Application for United States Flag for Burial Purposes and attach a copy of DD 214, Certificate of Release or Discharged from Active Duty; or other documentation that contains acceptable evidence of the eligibility of the deceased Veteran whenever possible.

Normally the family of the deceased Veteran or a funeral director acting on their behalf may apply for the flag. There is no time limit for request of a flag. Only one flag may be issued for each deceased Veteran.

Establishing a depository: Contact the VA at, requesting initial issue, providing full address and phone number. The VA Service and Distribution Center will supply an initial issue of flags, and assign the new post office to the nearest VA Regional Office for future replenishment support.

Replenishing your stock of flags: Post offices will accept VA Form 27-2008, Application for Unites States Flag for Burial Purposes, ensuring all appropriate information is completed, and issue one flag per veteran. Under no circumstances should flags be issued without a properly completed VA Form 27-2008. Forms must be completed by the post office and mailed to the assigned regional office within three days of receipt. Post offices should ensure that a legible address is entered into the issuing office blocks to ensure a replenishment flag can be issued. A new flag will be sent to the post office upon receipt of the flag application.

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) offices can find complete guidance and VA Regional Office addresses at:, sending an e-mail message to , or in an emergency by phoning (708) 786-7758 or 7509

IMPORTANT NOTE: The issue of a flag may not be delayed or refused because additional attached documentation, such as discharge certificate or DD-214 is not available at the time of request, as long as the requestor signs the application certifying eligibility.