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Q. I finished my scheduled shift for the day {PTF or PSE clerk}, but when I got home I was called and told to report back to work. What is my guaranteed time when I return to work?

A. You are guaranteed 4 hours of work or pay any time you clock out after completing your scheduled shift for the day, and then receive an order to return to work. If you are ordered to return to work before clocking out then the normal guarantee period applies {2 hour guarantee if returning after 2 hours, no guarantee if returning in less than 2 hours}. ELM, Section 432.62 provides that a part-time flexible who is called back to work on a day the employee completed his/her assignment and clocked out, is guaranteed four hours of work or pay regardless of the size of the office. All part-time flexible employees who complete their assignment, clock out and leave the premises regardless of interval between shifts, are guaranteed four hours of work or pay if called back to work. This guarantee is applicable to any size office. {See chart, footnote 4.}