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Cleaning Settlement

Custodial Duties Performed by the Clerk Craft

The union and management also agreed to a series of Questions and Answers [PDF] regarding situations when there are two hours or less of custodial work and the work cannot be combined with other maintenance duties to create a duty assignment. In those situations, clerks perform the duties.

The questions and answers are listed below:

1. How will the time be recorded when performing the custodial duties?

Answer: It will be recorded under maintenance LDC 38 and the applicable operation number (747 or 748), and the custodial duties will be in addition to the clerk craft duties that are part of the bid duty assignment.

2. How much additional time will be allowed?

Answer: The time allowed for custodial duties will be based on Line H of the MS-47.

3. Can a Part-Time Flexible (PTF) or Postal Support Employee (PSE) assigned to the facility perform the custodial cleaning duties?

Answer: Yes, when the custodial duties can't be added to an existing duty assignment.

4. Will the employee performing custodial duties receive required OSHA training?

Answer: They will receive required OSHA training based on the duties expected to be performed.

5. Will clerks be required to perform custodial duties between waiting on customers?

Answer: No.