Postal Clerk Info
Snakes and Reptiles

Non-mailable Live Reptiles
(Snakes, Turtles, and poisonous reptiles)

The Postal Service prohibits the mailing of snakes, turtles and poisonous reptiles. As outlined in Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail, section 525.3-Reptiles, “All snakes, turtles, and poisonous reptiles are nonmailable. These restrictions prohibit mailing matter that is outwardly or of its own force dangerous to life, health or property.”

Retail Associates should ensure that customers understand their responsibilities and comply with “Postal Service laws and regulations in the mailing of hazardous material. Anyone who mails, or causes to be mailed, a nonmailable or improperly packaged hazardous material can be subject to legal penalties (fines and/or imprisonment).”

Failure to prevent such dangerous items from entering the mailstream creates a potentially dangerous situation for you, the public and the Postal Network.

For additional information about non-mailable live animals, please refer to Publication 52, section 525. Information about mailable live reptiles can be found in Pub 52, section 526.6 Small, Harmless, and Cold-Blooded Animals. Publication 52 is available on Postal Explorer at You can also contact your local Business Mail Entry Office.