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Special Handling

10.0 Special Handling
10.1 Basic Standards
10.1.1 Description

[5-31-15] Special Handling is subject to the basic standards in 1.0; see 1.4 for eligible matter. Special handling provides preferential handling, but not preferential delivery, to the extent practicable in dispatch and transportation. The service does not itself insure the article against loss or damage. There are unique service codes included in the IMpb for the content categories (Fragile, Hazardous Material Transportation, Live Animal Transportation, Perishables, and Cremated Remains (only available with Priority Mail Express) of special handling.

10.1.2 Bees and Poultry

[5-31-15] Unless sent Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail or First-Class Package Service, special handling-fragile is required for parcels containing honeybees or baby poultry.

10.1.3 Marking

[5-31-15] Except for cremated remains (accordingly marked or with Label 139 affixed), marking “Special Handling-Fragile” (or optionally abbreviated as S.H.-Fragile) must appear prominently above the address and to the right of the return address on each piece for which the special handling service is requested and the applicable fee has been paid.

Special Handling

Domestic Use Only

This service is for packages with unusual contents — such as honeybees or live poultry — that need special attention in transit and delivery. It should not be used in place of Registered Mail or insurance service for valuable, fragile, or irreplaceable items.

This is all you need to do:

Request special handling at the time of mailing.

Additional information:

Available when the applicable extra services fee is paid.

Here are some features of special handling service:

Placed in distinctive sacks and containers to set it apart from other mail.
Loaded last and offloaded first.

Available for Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, Standard Post, Media Mail, Library Mail, or Bound Printed Matter* items.